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A healthy alternative to braces for teens

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Treatment, your way

Playing sports? Eating? Take out your aligners when you need to.

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In-person care

Your smile is aligned by a licensed orthodontist.

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Uniform Lab technology

We correct 99% of smiles with our customized teen clear aligner treatments.

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Smile sooner

Four times faster than braces, with results in as little as 10 months for teen treatments.

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Why Uniform Teeth is great for teens

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Healthy teeth start here

Teens are able to easily clean their teeth without brackets and wires—only to remove when eating and drinking, and to follow up meals with brushing and flossing their teeth.

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The right price

Our aligners are 40% less than other invisible aligners and braces. To make treatment even more affordable we accept insurance coverage up to $2,000, FSA and HSA, and have monthly payment plan options.

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Fewer office visits

Traditional orthodontics require 24-36 visits over the course of treatment. At Uniform Teeth, treatment requires 3-5 in-person visits and weekly smartphone app check-ins, so you'll miss less school or work.

Straighter teeth, faster

Our clear aligner technology will get you smiling four times faster than braces. On average, our treatments last 10-16 months for kids and teens.

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Uniform Teeth founder, Dr. Kjeld Aamodt

The experts are here

Your teeth are only treated by licensed orthodontists. An experienced orthodontist will precisely plan how each of your teeth will move during your in-person consultation and monitor your progress throughout treatment.

Clearly discreet

Without wires, no one will suspect that you’re getting treatment—our clear aligners are nearly invisible to the eye.

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Lets you do you

Eating? Having photos taken? Easily remove your aligners when you need to. And keep them in while playing sports—they work as extra protection for your teeth.

Less painful

No longer do you need your wires tightened. Our clear aligners are customized just for you and precisely move your teeth without causing bone loss because our technology looks at your teeth from the roots up.

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