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Uniform Teeth 360° X-ray and 3D scan technology

Pairing 360° X-rays with 3D scans

We are the only orthodontic practice in the world to combine the use of a 360° CBCT X-ray and 3D scan to produce a 3D model of teeth all the way down to the roots.

2x faster

In traditional orthodontics, there is a lot of guesswork because a 3D scan or bite mold only looks at the surface of your teeth, not the roots. We eliminate the uncertainty by using our 3D model to predict the exact way teeth move for each patient.

Uniform Teeth in-house 3D modelling

“ Teeth move like icebergs, what controls their movement actually lies beneath the surface. ”

- Dr. Kjeld Aamodt DDS, MS

Video of how teeth move precisely during treatment

The most precise planning

Our patented treatment planning software was developed by our in house team of engineers in collaboration with our orthodontists to make treatment more predictable and precise, allowing for faster treatment times for our patients.

Merging orthodontists and technology

Our expert orthodontists continuously evaluate the clinical outcomes of every patient in order to move teeth in the fastest, safest, and most comfortable way possible.

Dr. Noor Mahjoub and Dr. Zhanna Konovalenko leaning back-to-back and smiling

“ Treatment planning is the process where an orthodontist plans the exact position that each tooth will move to at each phase of treatment. ”

- Dr. Tera Poole DDS, MS
Clinical Director

Video of Uniform Teeth mobile app

Check in from your couch

Our proprietary mobile app paired with our in house medical record, allow us to cut your in-person visits down to 3 - 5. Yet, our orthodontists still closely monitor each patients’ progress and comfort on a weekly basis and maintain a strong relationship with each patient.

“ With the app we are able to identify issues before they become problems and our patients can get their questions answered. ”

- Dr. Tera Poole DDS, MS
Clinical Director

Advanced devices, comfortable care

Although most of our treatments are done through clear aligners, we use the latest tools and technology to seamlessly and conveniently help patients achieve their smile goals. We aren’t afraid to think outside the box.

Hand holding clear aligner tray




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