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Dentist administered clear aligners

At-home DIY brands

Expert doctors





360° X-rays and 3D scans

Bite molds or 3D scans

Bite molds or 3D scans

Treatment time

2x faster




Fewer visits (3 - 5)

16+ visits

You never see an orthodontist

Alignable smiles

99% of cases

70% of cases

25% of cases

Our transparent and affordable pricing

Level 1

Monthly payment plans available

What defines a Level 1 case?

Treatment plans take less than 6 months. Usually patients who have minor aesthetic changes qualify as a Level 1 case.

Level 2

Monthly payment plans available

What defines a Level 2 case?

Level 2 cases typically take between 6 - 10 months. Patients have some crowding or spacing.

Level 3

Monthly payment plans available

What defines a Level 3 case?

Level 3 cases take over 10 months. Patients in this category have significant crowding, spacing, or misaligned bites.

Severely complex cases, based upon time and complexity, may incur a higher cost.

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Dr Tera Poole, Uniform Teeth Orthodontist and Clinical Director
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Use your insurance

Insurance reimburses up to $2,500

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Flex your FSA/HSA

Make the most of your flexible or health savings account

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Pay in monthly increments

Affordable installments

Smile, risk-free

If you don’t love your smile, we’ll give you your money back—our orthodontists are that good.

Before: clear aligner tray for crooked teeth
After: clear aligner tray for straight teeth



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