Kevin K. Lee

San Francisco

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Orthodontic treatment has guided my personal life journey and life goals.


Dr. Kevin K. Lee is an orthodontist serving several major cities in the Bay Area. He knows that an individual’s first impression is always the most important, so he passionately works to ensure that everyone, regardless of age, has a smile they can be proud of. Not only has he garnered over a decade of research, academia, and clinical work, Dr. Lee believes in the interdisciplinary of various sciences and has contributed to research in anti-aging, sleep disorders, and educational competency assessments. His goals are to help all his patients feel confident and comfortable with the smile they deserve.


  • University of California Los Angeles | DDS
  • New York University | Certificate in Orthodontics


  • Board Certification in Orthodontics
  • Honors in Research
  • Dean's Letter Recipient
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