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How it works

Moving teeth is a science and an art. We have the most selective doctors and technology to do both.


Get an in-person consult with an orthodontist

We are moving bones in your jaw. Don't settle for remote doctors or mail-in molds.

This lets you
plus sign Express your concerns
plus sign Discuss your smile goals
plus sign Learn about the length of your treatment

Get a 3D x-ray during your consult

3D scans capture the surface of your teeth. But we use 3D x-rays to also capture your roots and your jaw.

This lets you get
plus sign Faster treatment times
plus sign More precise teeth movements
plus sign Longer lasting results
Week 1

Planning your teeth movement

We meticulously predict and plan how every single tooth will move week-to-week during the course of your treatment.

We do this by
plus sign Measuring the spaces between your teeth down to 0.1mm in accuracy
plus sign Planning movements in multiple phases to fix severe gaps and crowding
Week 2

3D print your aligners

It takes about 2 hours to 3D print each and every custom, BPA-free plastic aligner. We take the extra time and care to do this so that you can get toxin-free aligners that are safe for kids as well as for adults.

Month 1

Get your aligners in about a month

When you start your aligners, you'll be able to check in with your doctors at any time via our app.

plus sign Xylitol gum
plus sign An aligner case
month 6


Most patients complete their treatment in 6 months! After you graduate, you'll get a free retainer to maintain your smile.

We are so confident in our
that we'll give you

money back if you don't love
your smile.