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We believe that oral health care is best when it's holistic. That's why we partner with dentists and specialists to ensure that every patient receives the highest-quality care.

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Modern orthodontics™

Uniform Teeth is a modern orthodontic practice with boutique clinics in Chicago, San Francisco, and Seattle. Our doctors offer premium, tech-enabled care that efficiently and effectively treats class I, II, and III malocclusions.

Uniform Lab technology

Our patented technology uses data from 3-D scans and CBCT X-rays, making it possible for our doctors to safely and effectively move teeth up to 2x faster than with other treatments.

Uniform Teeth clinic lobby

Case studies

We’re able to treat 99% of cases, from the moderate to the ultra-complex.

Anterior open bite and crowding

Class I Malocclusion before and after
  • Addressed anterior open bite with prescribed posterior intrusion and relative upper anterior extrusion, then retrocine U/L anterior teeth.
  • Prescribed posterior disclusion tabs to continue intrusion at refinement.
  • Addressed crowding.

Dual bite, narrow lower arch, and severe crowding

Class II Malocclusion before and after
  • Prescribed UL IPR (.4mm) to coordinate arches.
  • Constricted upper arch, expanded lower arch.
  • Performed equilibration on LL5 and UL5 to reduce inferences.
  • Placed metal Caplin hooks on UL4 buccal, UR4 lingual, LR6 buccal, LR6 lingual to address Lateral CR-CO shift.
  • Performed enameloplasty on lower anteriors.

Overbite, overjet, and crowding

Class III Malocclusion before and after
  • Addressed crowding, 3mm upper, 5mm lower.
  • Prescribed .2mm IPR L3-3 to assist with crowding.
  • Open bite to prevent future wear.
  • Maintain CI M/C bilaterally.

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