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What is Uniform Teeth?

What does Uniform Teeth do?

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We are a medical practice of hand-picked orthodontists who specialize in prescribing clear aligners to straighten teeth and correct bites. Most of our doctors spend 80% of their time with patients and 20% of their time leading the innovation in teeth alignment by lecturing at universities, developing proprietary alignment software, and studying complex patient cases.

Who are your doctors?

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Dr. Kjeld Aamodt, founder and Chief Orthodontist, hires and trains all orthodontists at Uniform. Dr. Aamodt graduated from 6 years of medical training at University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) and regularly returns to his alma mater to give lectures and mentor students. Unlike other aligner providers, we only hire orthodontists who specialize in the science of teeth alignment — we do not hire dentists.

Uniform orthodontists are hand-selected based on their training and clinical reputation. Our orthodontists have graduated from not only top medical programs like UCSF, but also Columbia University. Potential doctors for Uniform go through a rigorous 360 degree vetting process — we get feedback from their patients and interview other doctors who know them.

Even with their stellar clinical reputation and education, newly minted Uniform doctors shadow and train with Dr. Aamodt for several months before managing patients by themselves.

See all of our doctors here.

How do clear aligners work?

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Clear aligners are thin, removable, plastic trays that fit snugly over your teeth. They apply a small amount of pressure to each tooth to slowly and intentionally move your teeth into the correct position. You swap out new aligners every week. Each aligner is different and moves your teeth further along in the process.

What are your clear aligners made out of?

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Our clear aligners are made of biocompatible, BPA-free plastic that are specifically designed to fit your teeth at each stage of your treatment. When worn, they are clear and nearly invisible!

How are you different?

How is Uniform different from Invisalign?

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Invisalign makes software and clear aligners to move teeth. Any dentist or orthodontist can pay $2,000 and take an eight hour course to learn how to administer Invisalign. That’s why thousands of dentists/orthodontists across the world offer Invisalign. After you see the doctor, he/she sends your scans to one of hundreds of technicians in Costa Rica to plan how your teeth will move during your treatment. Your actual aligners are then manufactured in Mexico. Invisalign tends to be 2x more expensive than Uniform because of corporate overhead costs and margin sharing with their network of doctors.

Moving teeth is a serious medical procedure so at Uniform, every doctor is a trained orthodontist (no dentists) who specializes in clear aligners. Compared to dentists, orthodontists have an additional 2 – 3 years of training on the intricacies of teeth alignment. Our orthodontists also share learnings and help each other with their cases. This expertise allows us to treat severe, complex teeth movements and cut treatment times down by as much as 50%.

We also have more control over the precision of your teeth movement because we don’t outsource your treatment plan to technicians in other countries and all of our aligners are made right here, in the United States.

How is Uniform different from mail order or remote doctor services like Smile Direct Club?

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Smile Direct Club (SDC) is a “no doctor visit” aligner service. This allows them to process hundreds of thousands of customers. You mail in a mold impression of your teeth or go to one of their shops to get your teeth scanned. They send your mold or scan to a technician to plan your teeth movement — a doctor may oversee that and dozens of other technicians at the same time.

Because you never see a doctor, SDC treatments are limited to minor teeth movements so anything more involved like correcting bites, severe crowding, and gaps is unattainable with SDC. More importantly, teeth alignment is a serious medical procedure and proceeding without seeing a trained orthodontist can lead to health risks. The American Association of Orthodontists recently released this Consumer Alert about companies like SDC.

At Uniform, we do not take any shortcuts — we require you to come in and have a full examination with one of our orthodontists before prescribing your aligner treatment. This allows us to go through a health assessment and identify any potential risks and the most precise prescription of teeth movements.

Our orthodontists also share learnings and help each other with their cases. This expertise allows us to treat severe, complex teeth movements (basically anything that doesn’t require surgery) and cut treatment times down by as much as 50%.

Who is Uniform Teeth for?

Are there age requirements?

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Usually 11 years old is our minimum age requirement as most adult teeth have come in at that age.

Can you correct severe gaps, crowding, and bites?

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We can correct 99% of bite and alignment issues — basically anything that doesn’t require surgery. We’ve meticulously perfected the right mix of precision treatment plans and our doctors have successfully helped many patients after other aligner treatments deemed them untreatable.

I’ve had braces or used Invisalign in the past. Can I still use Uniform?

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Yes! Most of our patients have had braces in the past and many have used Invisalign. They come to us either because their teeth have shifted back into place or their original treatment didn’t align their teeth correctly.

Can I use Uniform if I have an implant?

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Yes! Just let your doctor know and we’ll take a 3D x-ray to make sure that we create a treatment plan with your implant in mind.

What if I still have my wisdom teeth?

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No problem. We can still correct your alignment and bite.

What if I am missing a tooth?

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Yep, we can still help. We can also close that gap for you!

What is the treatment process?

How do I get started?

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Book a free consultation — our doctors will answer your questions, walk you through your custom treatment plan, and tell you how long it will take to straighten your teeth. There is no obligation to purchase. Just take your time to learn about the process.

How long will it take to straighten my teeth?

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It will depend on how far we need to move your teeth. Most patients finish their treatment in 6 months. We’ve been known to be nearly twice as fast as Invisalign (and half the cost) because of our doctors’ expertise and technology.

How often will I need to see the doctor after I start treatment?

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If you’ve had braces or Invisalign you know that you have to go back and see your doctor every 4 – 6 weeks. We typically ask you to come back once or twice during the length of your entire treatment. Send in pictures of your smile and our doctors will let you know if you are tracking nicely. You can also message us anytime with questions via the app.

How often do I need to wear my clear aligners?

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Your teeth are constantly trying to shift back to their original state so you’ll need to wear your clear aligners 20-22 hours/day. So basically anytime you are not eating or drinking.

Will they hurt?

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You typically change out your aligner for a new one every week. At the beginning of each week, you may feel some pressure as your teeth get used to the new aligner. Hang in there! It goes away after a couple of days.

What happens after I am done with treatment?

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You’ll get a free retainer to maintain your new smile!

How much does it cost?

How much does it cost?

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Your entire treatment (all doctor visits, treatment plan, aligners, and retainer) will cost between $2,500 and $5,000. The exact price is dependent on the complexity of your teeth movements.

Why are you priced this way?

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We must admit, we are not the cheapest option. Some aligner treatments are less than $2,000. We are also not the most expensive. Invisalign can cost up to $9,000.


When we set our pricing, we wanted to be thoughtful and fair. This pricing allows us to cover most of our costs while continuing to invest in research and technology to improve the science of teeth alignment for our patients.


Other aligner treatments are cheaper because they don’t require you to have in-person visits with an orthodontist. We require an exam with our orthodontist because this is a serious medical procedure that involves moving bones in your jaw. The American Association of Orthodontists recently released a Consumer Alert about the alternative inexpensive options.


Finally, we aren’t as expensive as Invisalign because we aren’t a large global corporate conglomerate with the pressures of satisfying public shareholders and large salaries. We have the great luxury of just satisfying our patients.

Do you accept insurance, FSA, HSA, and HRA?

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We accept FSA, HSA, HRA, and insurance. Please bring your dental insurance card to your appointment and we’ll check to see how much you qualify for. Most patients qualify for up to $1,500 in insurance benefits.

Do you offer payment plans?

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Yes! We’ll work with you during your consultation to set up a payment plan. Most patients qualify for 0% interest plans.