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Uniform Teeth x Impress FAQ

Posted on August 3rd, 2022

Who is Impress?

Impress is Europe’s top orthodontic provider. They have 100+ clinics throughout Europe and are headquartered in Spain.

Why is Uniform Teeth merging with Impress?

Like us, Impress delivers high-quality, modern orthodontic care that is directed by a licensed orthodontist. By joining forces, we will be able to provide an even more technologically enhanced patient experience. Additionally, we excited for this new alliance, because we will be able to offer worldwide care and support—and now our expert care can be found anywhere.

What does this mean for my orthodontic treatment?

Treatments will stay exactly the same as planned in our free consultation. Your orthodontist will still be your provider, you will continue your in-person appointments at your designated clinic, and you will continue to stay on track to achieve the smile goals you set from the beginning.

What changes should I expect to see?

We believe only positive ones. You will begin to see the Impress brand on emails, app, website, and packaging as we evolve. We are thrilled to introduce you to the Impress brand because in partnership with them, we are able to continue to deliver a high-quality experience. This merger will also allow us to provide even better patient support with a 24/7 app care team.

Do I continue using the Uniform Teeth app for booking appointments and checking in?

Yep! Continue using the app as you have been throughout your treatment.

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