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Uniform Teeth vs. Candid

Posted on March 6th, 2020

For several decades Invisalign led the race for conventional brace alternatives but when their patents expired, other companies joined in and are now catching up fast. Two such brands are Candid and our very own Uniform Teeth. While Uniform and Candid look very similar at first glance, there are subtle and important differences. So, let’s dive in and take a closer look at Uniform Teeth vs Candid.

Orthodontist-led model vs orthodontic overview model

dr poole and patient

When a customer comes in for a scan at our Uniform Teeth office, they’ll always be seen by a trained orthodontist. Whereas, when a customer visits a Candid store, there’s a chance that they will be seen by a technician – and one who is not necessarily a licensed RDA, DA or RDH.

So why does this matter?

Moving bones in the jaw is a serious task and one that we believe deserves an orthodontist-led, in-person consultation. Here at Uniform Teeth, our experienced orthodontists give you a full dental health exam and x-rays, so we’re better positioned to ensure that any treatment you receive is both low-risk and safe. That’s not to say that a dental professional doesn’t oversee the treatment of Candid patients, it’s just that there’s no guarantee that customers will see them face-to-face. In fact, Candid’s ‘remote’ service means that patients can also choose not to have an in-office consultation and instead, can carry out the entire process online. While remote dentistry may be convenient for those people not living near a Candid store, it can pose certain risks that a face-to-face visit to an in-store orthodontist shouldn’t.

Cost vs. Ethics

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Both Uniform Teeth and Candid offer their services at considerably cheaper prices than the market leader (Invisalign). Our slogan at Uniform Teeth, for example, states that we can “straighten teeth without disrupting your life or your bank account” and it’s true. For just $2500, you can get a hassle-free way of straightening teeth using the latest discreet clear aligner technology. Candid too, say that they offer “next level care at great prices’ and currently price their services at around $2400.

So, on paper and in regards to cost, there really isn’t a lot of difference. But let’s delve a little closer and see what you’re really paying for.

With Uniform Teeth, in particular, the fact that each and every patient is seen in person by a trained orthodontist, aligns itself more in keeping with the values of the American Association of Orthodontists. These are the same orthodontists who have taken issue with clear aligner companies such as Candid, that don’t always require person-to-person visits.

The reason?

Because there’s a chance that those people offered clear aligner treatment without access to a professional one-on-one examination, might not always be in the best form of dental health.

Talking of dental health…

Let’s talk types of treatment

3D model

Another subtle difference in the Uniform vs Candid debate has a lot to do with the type of treatment a patient might need. Some people, for example, are seeking out clear aligner treatment because they want to correct teeth for esthetic reasons. In other words, they want to improve the ‘look’ of their smile. In these cases, both Candid, and Uniform Teeth can do a good job. But what about if a patient has a severe gap or overcrowding problem that they equally don’t feel happy about. Who do they turn to then?

This is where we excel…

Because Uniform Teeth uses highly-trained orthodontists, we can also assist with a variety of orthodontic problems that go above and beyond the scope of a traditional aligner plan. These include problems like chipped teeth, severe overbites, underbites, crossbites, and tooth overcrowding. These are cases that Candid isn’t really set up to deal with. In fact, it’s thought that approximately 75% of all clear aligner cases require more than just esthetic treatment. And this reflects in the majority of cases that we see.

So there you have it, the subtle and not-so-subtle differences in the Uniform Teeth vs Candid debate. But just in case you need a recap, here are the key points again.

Uniform Teeth vs Candid – Key points of difference

  1. Although costs are similar, Uniform Teeth are able to take on more complex treatments that fall outside the remit of a traditional aligner treatment plan.
  2. Candid offers convenience with their remote service, however, patients run the risk of being signed up when they aren’t always in the best dental health.
  3. Ethically at least (and for now) Uniform Teeth is better-positioned.

If you are curious about clear aligner treatment and are looking to correct your smile in just a few months, contact the team at Uniform Teeth. We guarantee gold standard results in a timely manner.

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