Clear Aligners

Invisalign vs. Uniform Teeth

Posted on February 18th, 2020

Clear aligners are fast becoming more common and plentiful than ever before. Invisalign led the way in the race for conventional braces alternatives, but several decades on and a multitude of expired patents means that other clear aligner brands are catching up. With this in mind, we’re going to take a look at Invisalign vs. Uniform Teeth to see how they compare. Let’s dive straight in…

Firstly, the cost

One of the main points of difference in the Invisalign vs. Uniform Teeth debate is the cost. Our slogan at Uniform Teeth is that we can ‘straighten teeth without disrupting your life or your bank account’ and this is true.

Costs of our Invisalign alternative range from $2500 – $5000 which is around half the price of an equivalent Invisalign treatment.

Our patients are paying for orthodontists specializing in aligner treatments rather than DIY mold kits, remote tele-dentistry and general dentists. In other words, they’re paying for peace-of-mind.

Treatment times

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Another point of difference is treatment times. On average, our time for treating moderate cases is between 6-8 months at Uniform Teeth. Alternatively, according to the Invisalign website, an equivalent treatment takes around 12-18 months to straighten teeth.

So why is this?

In essence, we specialize in employing only highly-experienced orthodontists, and we utilize Uniform Lab Technology, which cuts treatment times by as much as 50%. This is where we superimpose a 360° x-ray and 3D intraoral scan – to see not only the tops of your teeth but your roots and jaw as well.

Conversely, the Invisalign business model is all about existing dentists buying into its ground-breaking technology. So ultimately, although patients can expect to see a dental professional, that professional might not always be a trained orthodontist (a specialist in misaligned teeth and jaws).

Dental office visits

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While clear aligner treatment as a whole is designed to cut down on dental visits when compared to conventional braces, Invisalign treatment still requires each patient to visit their dentist numerous times during treatment. This is to ensure that everything is going according to plan. Typically, Invisalign says that return visits should be made at least once every 6 weeks.

On the contrary, when patients opt for clear aligner treatment from Uniform Teeth, they have 1/4 the visits to a dental office – for the initial examination, X-ray and screening process, and progress check-ins. We have been able to cut down the amount of patient visits because we have developed an intuitive app so that you can check-in virtually once a week with your orthodontist.

Our app allows you to upload snaps of your progress which your orthodontist can assess. The app also tells you when you need to change your existing aligner to the next one in the series and it has a built-in platform where you can ask any questions or voice any treatment concerns that you may have. We are able to address everything you might expect from a check-up visit to your orthodontist by using the Uniform Teeth app.

Orthodontist-led vs. dentist-led treatments


At Uniform Teeth, our treatments are orthodontist-led whereas many Invisalign treatments are led by dental professionals (not necessarily trained orthodontists). This means that Invisalign suppliers will look to treat patients with mainly mild to moderate cases, some of whom want only small aesthetic tweaks. This is because dentists don’t always have the expertise to take on more demanding cases.

Because our treatment at Uniform Teeth is orthodontist-led, professionals will have the skills to take on moderate to severe cases including wide gapping, overcrowding, and complex bite issues. In fact, we aim to reach the 75% of the market that fits this category. So while Invisalign treatment may be able to serve this market sometimes, we have designed Uniform Teeth treatment to help 99% of all patients, including moderate to severe cases.

The key takeaway

Unlike Direct To Consumer (DTC) aligner companies, both Invisalign and Uniform Teeth business models are based on direct supervision by licensed dental professionals. This is more in keeping with the values of the American Association of Orthodontists. So ethically at least, they are similarly aligned.

However, and as you can see, they do have their differences, advantages, and disadvantages. So here are those key points again:

  • Invisalign has years of industry knowledge and has built a multi-billion-dollar brand. However, its aligners cost more when compared to other aligner treatments. While Invisalign mostly serves those looking for mild to moderate corrections, the company cannot treat as diverse a range of cases as Uniform Teeth.
  • Uniform Teeth is a relatively new company that offers convenient and hassle-free clear aligner treatment, with fewer in-person visits. We utilize an online app coupled with orthodontist-led treatment to deliver quicker treatments – up to 4x faster than braces and 2x faster than other clear aligners. And we are able to take on 99% of cases and are priced around 40% cheaper than Invisalign.

If you are curious about clear aligner treatment and are seeking out a treatment that won’t break the bank, then contact our team at Uniform Teeth. We are so confident in our doctors that we’ll give you your money back if you don’t love your smile.

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