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Hello Chicago!

Posted on January 14th, 2020

We’re thrilled to open our first two locations in Chicago – one in the Gold Coast neighborhood and the other in Chicago Loop. This is the first time we’ve opened locations outside of San Francisco, which is home to our first locations and our headquarters.

Never heard of Uniform? Our philosophy is simple: people shouldn’t have to choose between quality and convenience. For too long, fixing your teeth has been uncomfortable, embarrassing, and time-consuming… It’s also been really expensive, which has excluded millions of people from seeking care. Recently, some startups have offered mail-order orthodontic services, but their basic approach is limited to simple, vanity cases. We focus on addressing the vast majority of cases (75%+) that require an in-person orthodontist to deliver a great result!

At Uniform Teeth, we believe that everybody deserves to have a beautiful and healthy smile, and we’ve built a modern orthodontic company from the ground up to give them just that. Because we’re founded by one of the world’s experts in modern orthodontics, we can handle anything from mild to complex cases. We’ve figured out how to do this in just a few visits, backed by weekly check-ins through our app, so it’s a great experience and costs significantly less (60-70%) than traditional metal braces or Invisalign.

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Thinking about straightening your teeth? Here’s what to expect with Uniform!

We spend a tremendous amount of effort focusing on the details of your experience so that you can enjoy a caring, comfortable, and seamless smile transformation.

We design our clinics to give our patients a human connection with their orthodontist, and to focus on feeling comfortable throughout their care. Incredibly, in a traditional practice, the average orthodontist sees 80-100 patients a day for only a few minutes each. Our orthodontists see 16 patients a day and spend 30 minutes with each to focus on the details and ensure they’re getting the care they need. Instead of visiting in person once a month, our patients check in every week through the Uniform Teeth App, using photos of their smile to track progress and modify their care.

The process is easier all around, with 3 to 5 in-office visits, compared to 20 or more from traditional orthodontists. And our treatment times are up to twice as fast because we use proprietary software and advanced technology to predict how teeth will move – eliminating the guesswork that often adds unnecessary time.

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Why Uniform?

At Uniform, we obsess about delivering exceptional orthodontic care. Now, we may not need to convince you that a high standard of care matters for your mouth. But we’re teeth geeks, so we love talking about this stuff.

Teeth, roots, and gums are complex. People often think that orthodontic care is about looking good, and yes, appearance is important. But there are critical functional needs as well. The fit of your teeth impacts how quickly they wear down over time, and your bite affects not only your ability to chew your food but also your jaw’s stability and likelihood of chronic jaw pain.

Even just checking to see if you can safely move your teeth is critical. If you have underlying issues like cavities, gum inflammation or a root infection, shifting your teeth can make these issues a lot worse. In the most extreme cases, moving your teeth when there are existing issues can cause irreversible damage like tooth or bone loss. That’s why the first time you come in, our orthodontists do a detailed assessment of the health of your mouth, including a 3D x-ray, 3D scan and full dental health exam, before planning your treatment with you.

Some companies are trying to make money by cutting out the most expensive part: the orthodontist. We think that’s shortsighted. At Uniform, we’ve built our entire care experience with world-class orthodontists as the foundation.

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But how much does it cost?

Our mission is to increase access to high quality orthodontic care, and this also means bringing the cost down. A typical Uniform treatment costs 60-70% of braces or Invisalign. And we’re always looking for ways to offer the most affordable price we can to our patients. For example, we carefully source high quality aligners from manufacturers across the US and Canada, passing the cost savings onto our patients. And, even as we base our treatment on a foundation of in-person professional care, we design our treatments to be streamlined and convenient. This allows us to treat even the most complex cases safely and effectively, at a fair cost.

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