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Clear aligners for adults

Posted on December 17th, 2018

Clear aligners for adults are on the rise, and if reports are to be believed, 27% of all patients seeking orthodontic treatment are now over 18.

Of course, the reasons for wanting straighter teeth as adults are both varied and many, but one thing’s for sure, as we dive further into the 21st century, the number of ways that patients can achieve straighter teeth is ever growing.

While back in the day, teens had to put up with chunky metal ‘train track style’ braces that many wouldn’t even contemplate wearing voluntarily, nowadays, there are a whole host of discreet braces and clear dental aligners that can all give you a straighter smile – Oh, and not a glint of metal in sight!

Adult Teeth Aligners – The Who

It’s no wonder then that more and more adults are turning to well-known brands such as Invisalign Aligners to get the smile they really want. It isn’t just the image-conscious twenty and thirty-somethings either. On the contrary, reports suggest that there’s an uptake in Baby Boomers who have decided that the time is right to get their teeth fixed once and for all. Many have already paid for their kids to get braces and understandably, want a slice of the action.

Also, for adults especially, the replacement of traditional braces with Invisalign, or Invisalign style removable teeth aligners is undoubtedly, very appealing.

Clear Aligners for Adults – The how and where

Clear aligners for teeth can be purchased in a number of ways. Patients can of course book a consultation with their local dentist or orthodontist and, after an in-person examination, can be prescribed a course of clear dental aligners.

While the upside is that they get to see a registered dental professional, the downside is that they are at the mercy of their recommendations, which considering that Invisalign has a massive slice of this multi-billion dollar market, is likely to involve the Invisalign brand in one form or another. Okay, so this might not be a bad thing – being the first company to go to market with aligners and all that. However, don’t forget that there are other more affordable and equally impressive clear teeth aligner options available – after all, doing your research for a major medical procedure is never a bad thing, right?

What are some of the other options?

You could do what many others do and seek out one of the newer teeth aligner options. In October 2017 around 40 Invisalign patents expired letting competing companies enter the previously monopolized market. Many of these newer clear aligner options engage in remote dentistry – interacting with experts via an app and e-commerce – to keep costs lower. This results in prices which are as much as 50% less than Invisalign in some cases.

However, before patients get swept away with the lower prices they might want to consider that getting dentistry online isn’t without its flaws – DIY impression taking anyone?

Instead, you may prefer to consider a company that delivers on the virtual aspect, thus keeping costs down, but also offers face-to-face visits with board-certified orthodontists. (Disclaimer alert – this is what we do here at Uniform Teeth). This way you’ll have the satisfaction of purchasing quality, cheaper Invisalign alternatives while doing it under the guidance and safety of professional one-on-one care.

Finally, the why?

So, why do adults seek invisible aligner treatment? Well, teeth are prone to move with age. As they do they can become crowded. This, in turn, increases the likelihood of chipping, as teeth (well, enamel) becomes more fragile. In addition, an adult may:

have worn braces in their teens but stopped wearing the retainer experienced gum problems causing teeth to become loose and move want to create space because they are undergoing a dental implant simply feel unhappy about their smile and want to improve it Given the explosion of Invisalign style clear aligner treatment and its well-documented success, the question really has to be… not how, who, where and why… but ultimately, why not?

If you want to find out more about the real benefits of clear aligners for adults then check out this insightful article in the Dental Tribune.

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