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Meet Dr. Li

Get to know our San Francisco-based orthodontist, Dr. Wendan Li.

Company Updates

2022 wellness kits

All patients who visit us will receive a kit to help jumpstart their wellness journey.

Company Updates

To new patients: feel safe at Uniform Teeth

We are implementing additional protocol to keep patients and staff healthy and safe.

Company Updates

COVID-19 safety standards

This blog outlines the precautions and protocol we have implemented in all of our clinics.

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Uniform Teeth’s Toothbrush Drive

Introducing our first-ever toothbrush drive!

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Your dental benefits, explained

Make the most of your dental benefits and FSA/HSA this year.

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Introducing: the virtual consultation

Meet with a Uniform Teeth Treatment Coordinator from the comfort of your home.


Everything you need to know about our X-rays

Wondering why we use a CBCT X-ray? We discuss why.

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Am I too old for orthodontics?

Don’t let age be the deciding factor for your dream smile.

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Your free consultation

Our Founder, Dr. Aamodt, explains what happens during your free consultation.

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Why you want an orthodontist prescribing your ortho treatment

Considering orthodontic treatment? Here’s why you want an orthodontist to prescribe it.

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What to know about teeth whitening

We share the ins and outs of how teeth whitening works.

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What is the difference between an orthodontist & a dentist?

We break down the key differences between an orthodontist and a general dentist.


The fascinating history of clear aligner treatment

Lawsuits, litigations, and libels

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Why upgrading your retainers regularly matters

In order to protect your smile (and investment) you need to upgrade your retainers every six months.

Company Updates

COVID-19 testing FAQs

Update: all of our clinical teams have been fully vaccinated.

Company Updates

Our year in review

2020: It was an unprecedented year, to say the least. We want to share with our community our celebrations for the year.

Company Updates

Smile it forward

We are donating 1% of every treatment started between December 1-31 to Smile Train to help a child smile.

Company Updates

Seattle & Bellevue clinic announcement

We are thrilled to have two clinics open in the Pacific Northwest.


Growing teeth naturally

Is A Third Set Really Possible In Humans?

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Allergic reactions to clear removable braces/clear aligners

Is this something to worry about?

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National orthodontic health month

October is for celebrating healthy smiles, the benefits of orthodontic treatment, and the importance of good oral health.

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Orthodontic glossary

Everything you’ve heard your orthodontist say and wanted to understand, defined.

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Will you need dental work before beginning treatment?

Need dental work before starting treatment? We explain why.

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What is IPR and how does it work?

Looking to learn more about what IPR in dentistry is? Then you’ve come to the right place. We explain what it is and how it works.

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How to combat bad breath

In this blog we talk what causes bad breath and how to combat it.


At-home dental care while we quarantine

How to keep on top of your dental health from home while we quarantine.

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Temporary clinic closures due to COVID-19

Temporary Clinic Closures due to COVID-19

Company Updates

Hello Chicago!

Hello Chicago! We’re Uniform Teeth and we want to make you smile!

Company Updates

Uniform Teeth Series A funding announcement

Uniform Teeth Series A Funding Announcement

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Clear aligners for adults

Learn more about the trend in clear aligners for adults


Crooked teeth types

Your Guide To Them And How Orthodontic Treatment Helps

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DIY teeth straightening

Looking at the differences between home orthodontic treatments.



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