We measure smiles in millimeters.

100% perfect clear aligner smiles with
doctors from UC San Francisco.

What we believe.

We believe that gorgeous smiles are healthier when we obsessively advance the science of teeth alignment. Our team of UC San Francisco orthodontists have meticulously refined every step of this process — we measure brilliant smiles in millimeters and progress in miles.

Dr. Kjeld Aamodt


University of California,
San Francisco

Real people, real results.

100% of our clear aligner smiles have achieved international ICON Gold Standard outcomes. Learn more about ICON.

Jessica Peffer

Age 25

Treatment Time

9 months


Crowding and deep bite

Bo Wright

Age 38

Treatment Time

6 months


Crossbite and crowding

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Smiles measured in millimeters.

Progress measured in miles.

Treatment Time

Average 6 months (vs. 2 years).


50% the cost of Invisalign and clear braces.


100% international gold standard outcomes.


Our orthodontists are UCSF-trained and offer the most precise techniques in teeth movement. We are available 24/7 via the Uniform Teeth app to ensure your treatment is efficient and easy. We manage the quality and cost of your clear aligners by creating them here, in California, rather than outsourcing them to an offshore manufacturer.

100% gold standard results or your money back.

We’ve refined the process. We’ve rebuilt the experience. We refuse to settle.
We’ll happily give you your money back if you don’t love your smile.


Orthodontic-led treatment plans. No dental assistants. No faceless technicians.


3D X-rays and imaging. No gummy, do-it-yourself molds.


Mobile check-ins and 24/7 communication. Fewer trips to the office.

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